Monroe Gospel Women's Mission

"Empowering Hurting Women"

Keri's Story

"For the first time in my life I had fallen into hard times. My husband had been in prison for a year. I was trying to survive on my own. I was working and when funds were available I would stay at a motel. I was homeless and I walked out of my job because I was feeling overwhelmed, paranoid and sabotaged. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t make things better.
  I remember thinking “Ok God, I give up. I’m going to put everything in your hands.” I called the Monroe Gospel Women’s Mission and to my surprise there was a bed available. I said, “God is good.” I found the mission to be a safe and caring environment.  I was supported and guided as I made necessary changes in my life.  After establishing a routine, I was ready to work on my action plan. The mission had mandatory classes for establishing goals, and developing boundaries for healthy relationships.  The classes have been very helpful for me. I applied for work and interviewed with several companies and temp agencies. I am now working at a natural supplements factory in Monroe. I am saving money for an apartment."

Brittney’s Story

Brittney came to the mission from Compass Health after aging out of the foster care system.  Brittney enrolled at Monroe High School.  Even though she had behavioral health issues, Brittney managed to complete her classes and graduated June 10th, 2017.  We anticipate great things in her future. 

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