Monroe Gospel Women's Mission
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"Empowering Hurting Women"

Marsha's Story
    "When I came to the Mission, I was living in my car. I was alone and very insecure. I began to meet people and adopt a new family. Through the help of case managers, new friends and everyone here, I became stronger. I was able to do things independently, and also not afraid to rely on other's for help. I am in the process of taking the next step and moving into my own apartment. It is a scary proposition, but one I wouldn't have attempted without the help of what I have learned at the Mission. I have come around a complete circle and know I couldn't have done this without the Monroe Gospel Women's Mission It has completely transformed me and words can't express the gratitude I feel towards Dorothy and the Mission."

Joan's Story
"When I came to the mission, I had on hospital pants, a t-shirt, worn out shoes and an empty heart. Today, I have clothes and good shoes, but most of all, I have a purpose. I wake up every morning grateful and happy to be alive and I owe it all to Monroe Gospel Women's Mission and God.

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